Taoran Li, PhD

Taoran Li, PhD

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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Outlier identification in radiation therapy knowledge-based planning: A study of pelvic cases
  2. Exploring the Margin Recipe for Online Adaptive Radiation Therapy for Intermediate-Risk Prostate Cancer: An Intrafractional Seminal Vesicles Motion Analysis
  3. Diode-based transmission detector for IMRT delivery monitoring: A validation study
  4. Atlas-guided prostate intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) planning
  5. Knowledge modeling for computer aided treatment planning
  6. Quality assurance for online adapted treatment plans: Benchmarking and delivery monitoring simulation
  7. Quantitative comparison of automatic and manual IMRT optimization for prostate cancer: The benefits of DVH prediction
  8. Impact of dose calculation accuracy during optimization on lung IMRT plan quality
  9. Single Institution's Dosimetry and IGRT Analysis of Prostate SBRT
  10. TH‐C‐137‐11: Dose‐Guided Automatic IMRT Planning: A Feasibility Study
  11. SU‐E‐CAMPUS‐T‐05: Quality Evaluation of An Automatic VMAT Planning Method for Head and Neck Cancer Cases
  12. Strategies for automatic online treatment plan reoptimization using clinical treatment planning system: A planning parameters study
  13. TH‐C‐137‐08: Dosimetric Quality of An Automatic IMRT Planning Method for Head and Neck Cancer Cases
  14. MO‐D‐BRB‐10: Modeling Inter‐Patient Variation of Organ‐At‐Risk Sparing in IMRT Plans: An Evidence‐Based Plan Quality Evaluation
  15. SU‐E‐T‐626: Individualized Trade‐Off of Dose Coverage and Sparing in IMRT Planning
  16. MO‐D‐BRB‐09: Treatment Delivery QA for Online Adaptive Radiation Therapy Based on Dynamic Machine Information (DMI): A Feasibility Study
  17. SU‐E‐T‐406: Online Image‐Guidance for Prostate SBRT: Dosimetric Benefits and Margin Analysis
  18. SU‐E‐J‐16: Prostate Bed Motion during Post‐Prostatectomy Radiotherapy
  19. Adaptive radiation therapy: Technical components and clinical applications
  20. Adaptive prostate IGRT combining online re-optimization and re-positioning: A feasibility study