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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy Delivery in a Genetically Engineered Mouse Model of Lung Cancer
  2. 3D Dynamic Motion Planning for Robot-Assisted Cannula Flexible Needle Insertion into Soft Tissue
  3. Thermoluminescence study of Mn doped lithium tetraborate powder and pellet samples synthesized by solution combustion synthesis
  4. Modeling of path planning and needle steering with path tracking in anatomical soft tissues for minimally invasive surgery
  5. Automatic multi-organ segmentation of prostate magnetic resonance images using watershed and nonsubsampled contourlet transform
  6. A MRI compatible robot for breast intervention
  7. Plan quality and treatment efficiency for radiosurgery to multiple brain metastases: Non-coplanar rapidarc vs. Gamma Knife
  8. Evaluation of robotic tracking system for motion compensation in radiation therapy
  9. Closed loop control of a robot assisted smart flexible needle for percutaneous intervention
  10. Energy response of the TL detectors based on YAlO3: Mn crystals
  11. Biomaterial characteristics and application of silicone rubber and PVA hydrogels mimicked in organ groups for prostate brachytherapy
  12. X-ray Diffraction Investigations of Shape Memory NiTi Wire
  13. Development of Self-Actuating Flexible Needle System for Surgical Procedures
  14. Accurate error compensation for a MR-compatible surgical robot based on a novel kinematic calibration method
  15. Evaluation of Elekta 4D cone beam CT-based automatic image registration for radiation treatment of lung cancer
  16. Design, analysis and control of a novel tendon-driven magnetic resonance-guided robotic system for minimally invasive breast surgery
  17. A special report of current state of the medical physicist workforce - results of the 2012 ASTRO Comprehensive Workforce Study
  18. AAPM and GEC-ESTRO guidelines for image-guided robotic brachytherapy: Report of Task Group 192
  19. Experimental study of needle-tissue interaction forces: Effect of needle geometries, insertion methods and tissue characteristics
  20. Investigation into image quality and dose for different patient geometries with multiple cone-beam CT systems