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The Bodine Center for Cancer Treatment

The facilities of Jefferson’s Department of Radiation Oncology, known as the Bodine Center for Cancer Treatment, were completed in 1987 and occupy three contiguous levels of Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, totaling 57,000 square feet.


One of the busiest radiation oncology departments in the region, the center has combined clinics for head & neck cancer, lung cancer, skin cancers, genitourinary malignancies, and central nervous system (CNS) tumors. The staff has performed thousands of special treatments with implants and intracavitary applications over the past four decades.

The Bodine Center is home to eight unique multi-disciplinary clinics, five of which are housed in Bodine. These clinics offer a comprehensive approach to cancer treatment where multiple specialties work collectively to design the most effective treatment plan for each individual patient. Within these clinics each person is assigned a clinical coordinator to assist them throughout the process. The clinics include the lung, brain, metastatic uveal melanoma and genourinary (GU). The GU clinic is known to be the first and longest functioning multi-disciplinary clinic in the country. The other clinics located off-site and nearby are the liver/tumor center and the senior adult center.

The Bodine Center is comprised of:

  • The upper floor that holds facilities for patient reception, examination, care, follow-up, IV Infusion Center and other services
  • Patient care level houses four double-energy linear accelerators, all of them are equipped with cone-beam CT capabilities for image-guided adaptive radiation therapy
  • Two simulators (one CT simulator), a Brachytherapy and Hyperthermia suite, a computerized treatment planning center, as well as support functions such as the machine shop, mold room, and electronics shop

Our Main Campus Staff

Our multidisciplinary team of experts in patient care includes:

  • Nine board-certified radiation oncologists
  • A team of medical physicists, physics residents and postdoctoral fellows
  • Six dosimetrists
  • Computer scientists
  • Mechanical/electronic engineers and technologists

The technical staff in the treatment area includes:

  • Two associate-chief radiation therapists
  • 17 radiation therapists
  • A clinical manager
  • Two simulator and CT technologists

Jefferson’s Radiation Safety Office helps ensure that the department meets all guidelines for radiation safety. The department’s Laboratory of Experimental Radiation Oncology conducts basic radiobiological and oncologic research.

The department employs social workers, who assists patients and families to address their questions and concerns regarding treatment. The social workers oversee the patient support groups that are available for consult from Jefferson’s Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior is a staff psychiatrist (psycho-oncologist) specializing in counseling for cancer patients.

Oncology nurses are an indispensable part of the oncology team and participate closely in all aspects of patient care, collaborating with the staff and resident physicians.

Our support staff assist in routing consults and collecting necessary information for patients appointments.

Off-Campus Locations

Jefferson Hospital of Neuroscience (JHN) has a world-renowned reputation for radiosurgery. This program hosts a Gamma knife unit and a state of the art dedicated Linear Accelerator(LINAC) for neuro-oncology. JHN recently added the LINAC which is one of the New Varian Truebeams called the STX Slim. This is one of the first installed in the country! These multimillion-dollar, photon technologies significantly improve the options available to patients with tumors of the brain and spinal cord.

Jefferson Radiation Oncology at Riddle Memorial Hospital offers top cancer specialists and the latest oncologic treatments and equipment to patients living in the communities of Chester and Delaware Counties. Their newly renovated space includes the acquisition of a new TrueBeam Linear Accelerator, a High-Dose Rate brachytherapy afterloader and a CT scanner.

Jefferson's Radiation Oncology at Aria Health (formerly Frankford-Torresdale Hospital) in Northeastern Philadelphia. Patients here are accessed by Aria's Lung or Breast Evaluation Centers and have access to a mutidisciplinary team who work in coordination to meet an individual's needs.


For further information on our committment to radiation safety and quality assurance, please see the following: