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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Localized microbubble cavitation-based antivascular therapy for improving HCC treatment response to radiotherapy
  2. Shell effects on acoustic performance of a drug-delivery system activated by ultrasound
  3. Monitoring neoadjuvant chemotherapy for breast cancer by using three-dimensional subharmonic aided pressure estimation and imaging with US contrast agents: Preliminary experience
  4. Influence of contrast-enhanced ultrasound administration setups on microbubble enhancement: a focus on pediatric applications
  5. Sentinel Lymph Node Characterization with a Dual-Targeted Molecular Ultrasound Contrast Agent
  6. Subharmonic-Aided Pressure Estimation for Monitoring Interstitial Fluid Pressure in Tumors: Calibration and Treatment with Paclitaxel in Breast Cancer Xenografts
  7. Effect of a poloxamer 407-based thermosensitive gel on minimization of thermal injury to diaphragm during microwave ablation of the liver
  8. Oncologic applications of magnetic resonance guided focused ultrasound
  9. Effect of pulse shaping on subharmonic aided pressure estimation in vitroand in vivo
  10. 4D subharmonic aided pressure estimation for monitoring neoadjuvant chemotherapy response of breast cancer
  11. Characterization of sentinel lymph nodes using dual-targeted microbubbles
  12. Effects of ultrasound coupling gel on photoacoustic signal attenuation
  13. Characterizing renal cell carcinoma ablation cavities using 3D contrast enhanced ultrasound time intensity curve analysis
  14. Contrast-enhanced nonlinear 3D ultrasound imaging of breast lesions in a clinical population
  15. Contrast-enhanced sonography and fusion technology for assessment of an embolized renal angiomyolipoma
  16. Balancing stealth and echogenic properties in an ultrasound contrast agent with drug delivery potential
  17. Comparing quantitative immunohistochemical markers of angiogenesis to contrast-enhanced subharmonic imaging
  18. Quantitative nonlinear contrast-enhanced ultrasound of the breast
  19. Recent technological advancements in breast ultrasound
  20. Nanoparticle Loaded Polymeric Microbubbles as Contrast Agents for Multimodal Imaging