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David C. Levin, MD

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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. The 2014 RSNA annual oration in diagnostic radiology: Transitioning from volume-based to value-based practice - A meaningful goal for all radiologists or a meaningless platitude?
  2. Trends in outpatient MRI seem to reflect recent reimbursement cuts
  3. The Choosing Wisely initiative of the American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation: What will its impact be on radiology practice?
  4. Continued growth in emergency department imaging is bucking the overall trends
  5. Reflections on principles of good leadership
  6. Are combined CT scans of the thorax being overused?
  7. The Choosing Wisely initiative of the American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation: what will its impact be on radiology practice?
  8. The diversion of outpatient echocardiography from private offices to higher cost hospital facilities: An unanticipated effect of code bundling
  9. Financial impact of medicare code bun 0B68 dling of CT of the abdomen and pelvis
  10. Cardiac risk factors and risk scores vs cardiac computed tomography angiography: A prospective cohort study for triage of ED patients with acute chest pain
  11. An unusual case of pulmonary coccidioidomycosis presenting as pneumothorax.
  12. Pulmonary adenocarcinoma in a young patient of pulmonary langerhans cell histiocytosis (PLCH)
  13. The increasing role of radiologists in thoracic diagnosis: More thoracic biopsies are performed percutaneously
  14. Ensuring the future of radiology: How to respond to the threats
  15. The increasing role of nonradiologists in performing ultrasound-guided invasive procedures
  16. Recent reimbursement changes and their effect on hospital and private office use of myocardial perfusion imaging
  17. Analysis of radiologists' imaging workload trends by place of service
  18. The effect of the controversial us preventive services task force recommendations on the use of screening mammography
  19. The declining radiology job market: How should radiologists respond?
  20. The recent reversal of the growth trend in MRI: A harbinger of the future?