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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Early anatomic changes of the ulnar collateral ligament identified by stress ultrasound of the elbow in young professional baseball pitchers
  2. ABR Core Examination Changes That Affect Residency Candidate Decisions
  3. Stress sonography of the ulnar collateral ligament of the elbow in professional baseball pitchers: A 10-year study
  4. Cost and radiation savings of partial substitution of ultrasound for CT in appendicitis evaluation: A national projection
  5. Two novel nonsurgical treatments of carpal tunnel syndrome
  6. Stress ultrasound evaluation of medial elbow instability in a cadaveric model
  7. Enthesopathy of the lateral cord of the plantar fascia
  8. Does the ulnar nerve enlarge after surgical transposition?
  9. National ultrasound curriculum for medical students
  10. Greater trochanteric pain syndrome diagnosis and treatment
  11. The antiangiogenic effects of a vascular endothelial growth factor decoy receptor can be monitored in vivo using contrast-enhanced ultrasound imaging
  12. Sonography of greater trochanteric pain syndrome and the rarity of primary bursitis
  13. Dynamic neuromusculoskeletal ultrasound documentation of brachial plexus/thoracic outlet compression during elevated arm stress testing
  14. Assessment of subacromial space and its relationship with scapular upward rotation in college baseball players
  15. QRSE: A novel metric for the evaluation of trainee radiologist reporting skills
  16. US of the elbow: Indications, technique, normal anatomy and pathologic conditions
  17. Imaging algorithms for evaluating suspected rotator cuff disease: Society of radiologists in ultrasound consensus conference statement
  18. Subscapularis tendon tears: A common sonographic finding in symptomatic postarthroplasty shoulders
  19. Neuromuscular and stiffness adaptations in division I collegiate baseball players
  20. The increasing role of nonradiologists in performing ultrasound-guided invasive procedures