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John L. Melvin, MD, MMSc

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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Medical necessity: is current documentation practice and payment denial limiting access to inpatient rehabilitation?
  2. Functional assessment: Demographic influences
  3. Specificity of ICD-9-CM coding practices for stroke rehabilitation
  4. Wallerian degeneration in the optic nerve of the wabbler-lethal (wl/wl) mouse
  5. Habituation of optically evoked blink reflex in mentally retarded adults
  6. Anorectal injuries incident to enema administration. A recurring avoidable problem
  7. Abdominal distention as an indication of post-polio ventilatory insufficiency. Clinical note
  8. Ventilatory compromise in spinal cord injury--a review.
  9. Outpatient management of chronic pain: long-term results.
  10. Electrical blink reflex habituation in mentally retarded adults
  11. Relationship of hypercalciuria to diet and bladder stone formation in spinal cord injury patients
  12. Neuropathy in end-stage renal disease secondary to primary renal disease and diabetes
  13. Somato-sensory evoked potentials elicited from individual cervical dermatomes represented by different fingers
  14. Contour donor chair: Device to maximize effects of overhead cervical traction
  15. Median nerve anatomy and entrapment syndromes: A review
  16. Somatosensory evoked potentials: Their predictive value in right hemiplegia
  17. Motor nerve conduction indicators in uremic neuropathy
  18. Training apartment in community for spinal cord injured patients: A model
  19. Conservative management of low back pain--a physiatric viewpoint.
  20. Electrodiagnostic techniques in evaluation of low back pain.