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James T. Diehl, MD, FACS

James T. Diehl, MD, FACS

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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Reply to letters: "Preoperative aspirin use and outcomes in cardiac surgery patients: A role of platelet function assessment" and "preoperative aspirin use in cardiac surgery"
  2. Surgical treatment of infective endocarditis in patients undergoing chronic hemodialysis
  3. Thickened ascending aortic wall mimicking intramural hematoma
  4. Effects of preoperative aspirin on cardiocerebral and renal complications in Non-Emergent cardiac surgery patients: A Sub-Group and cohort study
  5. Preoperative aspirin use and outcomes in cardiac surgery patients
  6. Robot-assisted thymectomy is superior to transsternal thymectomy
  7. Conventional aortic valve replacement for elderly patients in the current era
  8. Single-stage operation for giant substernal goiter with severe coronary artery disease
  9. Rigid sternal fixation improves postoperative recovery
  10. Preoperative renin-angiotensin system inhibitors protect renal function in aging patients undergoing cardiac surgery
  11. Modified inferior vena caval anastomosis to reduce tricuspid valve regurgitation after heart transplantation
  12. Successful aortic fenestration to treat prolonged motor paralysis of the lower extremities after repair of type a aortic dissection
  13. Ductus arteriosus aneurysm in an adult patient presenting with hoarseness
  14. Complicated Management of a Traumatic Aortoesophageal Fistula in a Patient with a Right-Sided Aortic Arch
  15. Human Epicardial Adipose Tissue Is a Source of Inflammatory Mediators
  16. Melioidosis presenting as an infected intrathoracic subclavian artery pseudoaneurysm treated with femoral vein interposition graft
  17. The role of preoperative radial artery ultrasound and digital plethysmography prior to coronary artery bypass grafting
  18. Intraoperative hetastarch infusion impairs hemostasis after cardiac operations: Invited commentary
  19. Comparison of eurocollins and University of Wisconsin solution in single flush preservation of the ischemic reperfused lung: An in vivo rabbit model
  20. Selective αIIbβ3 receptor blockage with peptide TP9201 prevents platelet uptake on Dacron vascular grafts without significant effect on bleeding time