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Scott W. Cowan, MD, FACS

Scott W. Cowan, MD, FACS

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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Francis Daniels Moore: one of the brightest minds in the surgical field
  2. Dr. Mary Edwards Walker: years ahead of her time
  3. Racial disparity in in-hospital mortality after lobectomy for lung cancer
  4. Robert Edward Gross (1905-1988): ligation of a patent ductus arteriosus and the birth of a specialty
  5. Roscoe Reid Graham (1890 to 1948): a Canadian pioneer in general surgery.
  6. Ambroise Paré (1510 to 1590): a surgeon centuries ahead of his time.
  7. Dr. Seishu Hanaoka (1760-1835): surgeon, pharmacist, and anesthesiologist.
  8. Mary H. Gibbon: teamwork of the heart.
  9. Francis F. Maury, M.D. (1840 to 1879): an often forgotten pioneer in early American surgery.
  10. Abdominal intercostal hernia: A rare complication after blunt trauma
  11. Edoardo Bassini (1844-1924): father of modern-day hernia surgery.
  12. Identification of a KRAS mutation in a patient with non-small cell lung cancer treated with chemoradiotherapy and panitumumab
  13. Samuel D. Gross, M.D. (1805-1884): an innovator, even in death.
  14. Chevalier Jackson, M.D. (1865-1958): Il ne se repose jamais.
  15. John Chalmers DaCosta (1863-1933): Restoration of the old operating table
  16. Successful management of bleeding complications in patients supported with extracorporeal membrane oxygenation with primary respiratory failure
  17. William Edwards Ladd, M.D. (1880-1967): the description of his bands.
  18. Emil Theodor Kocher, M.D., and his nobel prize (1841-1917)
  19. John Y. Templeton III: Pioneer of modern cardiothoracic surgery
  20. Contained rupture of a pseudoaneurysm of the descending thoracic aorta related to remnant outflow graft of left ventricular assist device after heart transplantation