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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Ureteral Avulsion Associated with Ureteroscopy: Insights from the MAUDE Database
  2. Hereditary upper tract urothelial carcinoma: Lynch syndrome, hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer syndrome (HNPCC)
  3. Locked Deflection during Flexible Ureteroscopy: Incidence and Elucidation of the Mechanism of an Underreported Complication
  4. Urologic and endovascular repair of a uretero-iliac artery fistula
  5. Lynch syndrome: A primer for urologists and panel recommendations
  6. Accessing the difficult ureter and the importance of ureteroscope miniaturization: History is repeating itself
  7. The significance of functional renal obstruction in predicting pathologic stage of upper tract urothelial carcinoma
  8. Ureteroscopic biopsy of upper tract urothelial carcinoma: Comparison of basket and forceps
  9. Ureteroscopic management of upper tract urothelial carcinoma (UTUC) in patients with Lynch Syndrome (hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer syndrome)
  10. 24-hour urine collection in the metabolic evaluation of stone formers: Is one study adequate?
  11. Laparoscopic nephroureterectomy with a circumaortic left renal vein
  12. Laparoscopic pelvic nephrectomy: Essential preoperative and intraoperative considerations
  13. Conjunctival melanoma: Bladder and upper urinary tract metastases
  14. The minimally invasive management of ureteropelvic junction obstruction in horseshoe kidneys
  15. Single center experience with third-generation cryosurgery for management of organ-confined prostate cancer: Critical evaluation of short-term outcomes, complications, and patient quality of life
  16. Hand-assisted laparoscopic ureterolysis to treat ureteral obstruction secondary to idiopathic retroperitoneal fibrosis: Assessment of a novel technique and initial series
  17. Laparoscopic radical prostatectomy after neoadjuvant hormonal therapy: An apparently safe and effective procedure
  18. Hand-assisted laparoscopic partial nephrectomy
  19. Hand-assisted laparoscopic cystoprostatectomy and urinary diversion
  20. Hand assisted laparoscopic partial nephrectomy for peripheral and central lesions: A review of 30 consecutive cases