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JMC Council on
Diversity & Inclusion

Purpose: The purpose of the JMC Council for Diversity and Inclusion is to enhance the diversity and inclusiveness of the medical college community, particularly the student, resident and faculty bodies. A diverse and inclusive JMC community relates directly to our ability to achieve our missions in patient care, education and research, and to the ability of our graduates to best serve the health and health care needs of the public.

Charge: The JMC Council for Diversity and Inclusion will, at the request of the Dean, review and assess the status and effectiveness of diversity and inclusion initiatives within the student, resident and faculty communities of JMC and make recommendations regarding initiatives, policies, and resources needed to achieve desired outcomes. The Council may also review, at the request of the Dean, the JMC curriculum, research portfolio, and JUP programs or outcomes, as they relate to diversity and inclusiveness.

Meetings: The Council on Diversity and Inclusion meets a minimum of four times per year.

Mark Tykocinski, MD (Chair)
Kenneth Boone (At Large)
Theodore Christopher, MD (Department Chair)
Jay Greenspan, MD, MBA (Department Chair)
Julia Haller, MD (Department Chair)
Scott Waldman, MD, PhD (Department Chair)
Clara Callahan, MD (Ex Officio)
John Caruso, MD (Ex Officio)
Leonard Freedman, PhD (Ex Officio)
Karen Glaser, PhD (Ex Officio)
Elisabeth Kunkel, MD (Ex Officio)
William Keane, MD (Ex Officio)
Karen Novielli, MD (Ex Officio)
John Ogunkeye (Ex Officio)
Charles Pohl, MD (Ex Officio)
Susan Rattner, MD (Ex Officio)
Bruce Smith, MD (Ex Officio)
Robert Taylor, Esquire (Ex Officio)
Stephanie DeLoach, MD (Faculty)
Hector Lopez, MD (Faculty)
Niels Martin, MD (Faculty)
Edmund Pribitkin, MD (Faculty)
Natalia Riobo, PhD (Faculty)
Robert Winn, MD (Faculty)
Robert Bai (Medical Student)
Joanelle Bailey-Chandler (Medical Student)
Carlos Fernandez-Ortega (Medical Student)
Angelica Manzur (Medical Student)
Anique Forrester, MD (Resident)
Luz Cathy Tello, MD (Resident)
Latoya Walker, MD (Resident)
Aerik Williams, MD (Resident)