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Sidney Kimmel Medical College Council on
Diversity & Inclusion

Purpose: The purpose of the SKMC Council for Diversity and Inclusion is to enhance the diversity and inclusiveness of the medical college community, particularly the student, resident and faculty bodies. A diverse and inclusive SKMC community relates directly to our ability to achieve our missions in patient care, education and research, and to the ability of our graduates to best serve the health and health care needs of the public.

Charge: The SKMC Council for Diversity and Inclusion will, at the request of the Dean, review and assess the status and effectiveness of diversity and inclusion initiatives within the student, resident and faculty communities of SKMC and make recommendations regarding initiatives, policies, and resources needed to achieve desired outcomes. The Council may also review, at the request of the Dean, the SKMC curriculum, research portfolio, and JUP programs or outcomes, as they relate to diversity and inclusiveness.

Meetings: The Council on Diversity and Inclusion meets a minimum of four times per year.


Mark Tykocinski, MD Dean, Sidney Kimmel Medical College Medical College
Mitchell Harris Vice President of Business Affairs, Jefferson University Physicians
Robert Taylor Vice President, Human Resources
Karen Novielli, MD Vice Dean, Faculty Affairs
Clara Callahan, MD Dean of Students and Admissions
Steve Herrine, MD Vice Dean, Education
Walter Kraft, MD Medical Director, Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics
Steven B. McMahon, PhD Vice President of Researcch
John Caruso, MD Associate Dean, Graaduate Medical Education
Charlie Pohl, MD Senior Associate Dean,  Student Affairs and Career Counseling
Elisabeth Kunkel, MD Vice Chair for Clinical Affairs, Department of Psychiatry
Bill Keane, MD Physician Director, Jefferson University Physicians
Bernie Lopez, MD Associate Dean, Diversity and Community Engagement
Traci Trice, MD Assistant Dean, Diversity and Student Diversity Programs
Ted Christopher, MD Chair, Emergency Medicine
Bill Schlaff, MD Chair, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Stephen Peiper, MD Chair, Pathology, Anatomy and Cell Biology
Irwin Levitan, PhD Chair, Neurosciences
Bill McNett, MD Faculty, Pediatrics
Annina Wilkes, MD Faculty, Radiology
Ed Pribitkin, MD Faculty, Otolaryngology
Steve Weinstein, PhD Faculty, Psychiatry
Jerry McCauley, MD Faculty, Nephrology
Nylah Wasti, MD Faculty, Radiology
Nick Shungu, MD Faculty, Family Medicine
Fatima Syed, MD Resident, Internal Medicine
Krys Foster, MD Resident, Family Medicine
Theresa Burcher, MD Resident, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Nathan Watters, MD Resident, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Shruti Chandra, MD Resident, Emergency Medicine
Julian Rose Medical Student
Kyle Bardet Medical Student
Amanda Bates Medical Student
Laura Smith Medical Student
Owo Otubusin Medical Student
Elizabeth Sophy Medical Student
Adrian Diez Medical Student
Kelly Kehm Medical Student
Amanda Ocran Medical Student