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SKMC Faculty Handbook

NOTE: Certain materials are only accessible within the Jefferson network. Public access is restricted.

To reference the SKMC Faculty Handbook, simply click on the chapter in which you are interested from the table of contents on the right. Within the Faculty Handbook chapters, you will see certain phrases in red. These are links to either external Web sites or to sections within other SKMC documents, such as the college Bylaws or Student Handbook. Use the back button in Acrobat to return to your original place within the Faculty Handbook.

If you would like to print the Faculty Handbook in its entirety, simply click on the cover above to download the complete book.

Appendix Faculty Policies & Procedures

Policies most pertinent to SKMC faculty are listed below and link directly to the specified policy. A complete list all TJU Policies and Procedures is contained at the Policies and Procedures Web site.

JMC Faculty Policies & Procedures

Faculty Handbook

Chapter 1: JMC Mission & Background
(updated 07/06)
Core Values of JMC
Commitment to Diversity and Gender Equity
History of JMC

Chapter 2: Governance of TJU & JMC
(updated 07/06)
Constituent Parts of TJU
Jefferson Medical College
Jefferson School of Biomedical Sciences
Jefferson School of Health Professions
Board of Trustees TJU Senior Officers Governance of JMC

Chapter 3: Educational Programs
(updated 07/06)
Undergraduate Medical Education
Graduate Medical Education
Continuing Medical Education

Chapter 4: Faculty Affairs, Promotion & Tenure
(updated 07/06)
Faculty Ranks and Categories
Guidelines for Faculty Appointment and Promotion
Faculty Orientation
Faculty Development
Faculty Evaluation
Faculty Advocacy
Faculty Recognition
Faculty Portraits

Chapter 5: Academic Services
(updated 07/06)
Academic Information Services and Research (AISR)
Center for Research in Medical Education & Health Care
Department of Health Policy