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Faculty Ombudsperson

Thomas Jefferson University has established the position of Faculty Ombudsperson to assist Faculty with the satisfactory resolution of problems and conflicts arising in the workplace. The Faculty Ombudsperson serves as an independent, neutral resource. The Faculty Ombudsperson will maintain confidentiality unless directed by the consulting faculty member to do otherwise.

In assisting faculty the Ombudsperson may:

  1. offer direct advice
  2. provide information regarding available Jefferson resources
  3. mediate a conflict
  4. engage in informal fact-finding

To learn more about the scope of the TJU Faculty Ombudsperson position, please see the attached "Job Description (PDF)".

For more information about ombudspersons, in general, visit the Ombudsperson Association website:

The Faculty Ombudsperson for Thomas Jefferson University is Stephen Weinstein, PhD, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry. Dr. Weinstein may be reached through his office at (215) 955-7910 or through e-mail at

Assistance with work-place related conflicts or concerns can also be obtained through the Office of Faculty Affairs.