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Submission Process


DTSA should be submitted as a single PDF document by 5pm on the second Monday of January or July to:

Applications must be submitted with the subject line: DTSA Grant Submission

The PDF document should contain, in the following order:
1)    Cover Page (Download cover page form) If using Firefox, save the file or open as an Adobe
2)    Biosketch (one for each PI if multiple PI application)
3)    Justification (1/2 page)
4)    Specific Aims (not to exceed 1 page)
5)    Research Strategy (not to exceed 4 pages – included in this section, and page limiitation, are
       Preliminary Studies and Figures)
6)    DTSA Budget (Download DTSA budget form)  If using Firefox, save the file or open as an 
       Adobe Acrobat 
7)    Budget Justification
8)    References Cited
9)    Letter of support from your Chair
10)  Suggestion of 3 Jefferson faculty members with appropriate expertise and no conflict of
       interest with either you or your proposal to review your application