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Grant Proposal Review

The SKMC Committee on Research (COR) has developed a process whereby SKMC Faculty can have their NIH grant (R01, R21, R03, etc.) application undergo a review process, by senior scientists from within SKMC, prior to its submission to the NIH.  The purpose is to provide applicants with feedback, with respect to strategy, document formatting, and substantive science issues, that will be helpful in optimizing the application to be submitted to NIH.   This process will be available to those able to submit their application to the COR four-eight weeks prior to the grant being due.  It is recognized that such grants submitted to the internal review process will not be highly polished, but should be sufficiently complete to enable helpful feedback. A two step process is suggested whereby:

  1.  A preliminary draft of the Project Description, Specific Aims, and Significance/Innovation is submitted eight weeks prior to the grant deadline, and;
  2. A more polished and complete version of the grant including Biosketches and Budget submitted four weeks prior to the deadline.

In addition, the COR is also offering grant planning and development support for grants in the early stage of development, based on the belief that long term planning for grants will lead to optimal employment of resources, both physical and intellectual, and will help identify grant goals that are of sufficient impact to merit funding. For information on this support please contact Dr. Penn at

To download the application form for the SKMC COR Grant Review please click here.