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IDPT 400: Neurology and Rehabilitation Medicine

Course Description

This is a four-week course divided into three parts. Twelve days will be spent on the neurology portion of the rotation (two six-day blocks), while six days will be spent on the rehab portion. The neurology portion can be completed at TJUH, Einstein, Lankenau or Christiana. Rehab can be completed at TJUH, Magee, Moss or Bryn Mawr.

On the first day, Dr. Kremens and Dr. Herbison will provide an introduction to the course and review of the neurologic exam. Dr. Jacobs will provide an orientation to rehabilitation medicine. If you are doing neurology at Jefferson, you can choose from the following services: NICU (neurosurgical intensive care unit), wards (general neurology inpatient service), headache and epilepsy, stroke, or consult service. Outside of the duties for each service, students are expected to attend a variety of lectures and conferences each day. If you are doing rehab at Magee, your duties will vary greatly depending on your residents and attendings. TJUH rehab is usually more time intensive than Magee.


At the beginning of the course (during orientation), you are given separate evaluation forms for both the neurology portion and the rehab portion. They require a resident or attending to fill out whether you performed satisfactorily or unsatisfactorily on a few different tasks such as history taking, physical exam, and presentation skills. Then the evaluator must choose from a grade of honors, pass or fail and provide supporting comments. You must turn the evaluations in to Jody Volpe (5-9425) or Elizabeth Mearns (5-9443), Course Coordinators, on test day.


There is an exam on the last day of this rotation that covers both neurology and rehab. For the neurology section of the exam, it will be helpful to review the information distributed by Dr. Herbison on the sensory and motor innervations for the upper and lower extremities. For the rehab portion of the exam, Dr. Jacobs gives a minimally helpful, brief review. For this portion of the test, it is helpful to review the very last section (entitled "Basic Lecture Notes") of the huge syllabus he provides and also watching the video taped lectures (only about an hour!) put on reserve in the LRC.

Sites Offered (# of spots)

Jefferson/Magee (13), Einstein/Moss (5), Lankenau/Bryn Mawr (1), Christiana/duPont (2)