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A Final Word about Step 1

There is no magic bullet for success on the USMLE Step 1. Successful preparation boils down to three things.

  1. Work hard and learn well in your M-II courses.
    Students report that material tested on the USMLE exam was learned in class, not crammed at the end. Keep up, go to class, and stay mentally and physically healthy. A good M-II year is your best insurance policy for USMLE.
  2. Use board review books along with your classes.
    For most subjects, this means faithfully reviewing physiology and previewing pathology and pharmacology. For microbiology, neurology, and behavioral science, use their respective review books.
  3. Be strategic in your Step 1 preparation.
    For the intense USMLE study period in May/June, select standard board review materials that are well-regarded, make a reasonable schedule based on your goals, and stick to it.

We hope this guide will be helpful as you make your first step of three to freedom!

Be Focused!

Be Confident!

Be Smart!

Don't Worry!