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Medical Educational Services

Anatomy Practice Practical Exams
About 2-3 days prior to each anatomy practical exam, 8-10 AOA members will prepare a mock practical exam. Students will be divided into small groups for a mini- practical complete with buzzer and simulation of the actual test day. At the end of the practice, the correct answers are read and students are able to assess their performance on the practice exam. More about anatomy practicals.

AOA Sticks
AOA Sticks is designed to give students a chance to learn practical clinical skills in preparation for their clinical years. AOA members and the Emergency Medicine Society will participate in teaching students skills such as scrubbing, inserting a NG tube, inserting a foley catheter, IV placement, and drawing blood. Students may also discuss how to write a thorough history and physical exam as well as a typical SOAP note.

AOA Tutors
AOA tutoring is dedicated to providing free assistance to the first and second year students in need of academic help. The service is available to Jefferson Medical students during the entire College year.
To sign up for AOA tutoring, please send and email to

Intern on Call Series
The Intern on Call Series is a series of lectures given by AOA honorary nominees from the Thomas Jefferson University Hospital house staff. The purpose is to impart information about urgent medical conditions commonly experienced as an on-call intern in medicine. Topics have included hypertension, hypotension, chest pain, and shortness of breath. Our mission is to support graduating Jefferson students in their transition into Internship and Residency

Radiology Seminars
The sessions will provide some basic knowledge about ordering appropriate radiological studies and interpreting X-rays, CT scans, and MRIs. The sessions will be divided by body system and will be presented by radiology residents and attendings.

Teaching to Teach Seminar
AOA hosts a "teaching to teach" seminar to prepare fourth year students for life as an intern/resident-teacher. Topics include strategies for assuming the role of teacher of medical students, teaching the basic skills of being on service, teaching and supervising procedures, methods for dividing and delegating responsibilities, advice on balancing responsibilities as resident and teacher, and how to provide feedback.

Ventilator Series
Led by a pulmonologist or pulmonary fellow, the tutorial focuses on indications, management, and complications involved in the use of assisted ventilation in the hospital setting.

White Coat Ceremony
AOA members assist in the white coat ceremony that takes place in the first year of medical College. AOA members help new medical students put on their white coats for the first time at this special event.