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Medical Student Advising

Upper year students who have been through the scheduling process run the Q & A sessions. The upper year student will be available for questions either in a large group or individually.

Third Year Scheduling Q&A
During the session, AOA members inform current second year students about the third year scheduling process. ; Members convey important information about particular rotations and particular affiliate sites. Lastly, AOA members form a panel to answer questions that arise during the session.

Fourth Year Scheduling Q&A
Our 4th year advising occurs over several sessions. During the session, clerkship liaisons and AOA members will inform current third year students about the fourth year scheduling process, as well as away rotations. At the end of the session, email addresses of current fourth year students interested in various fields will be provided for those interested.  Subsequent residency-specific information sessions will be held in February/March, as third year students hone their interests in particular fields.

Residency Fair
The AOA Residency Fair is a program held in the spring soon after Match Day. The purpose is to provide first, second, and third year medical students with an opportunity to talk to fourth years who have matched in the various specialties and can provide first hand advice about residency applications, interviews, and the match. Dr. Thompson begins the program by discussing residency, away electives, and the match.