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Population Health Track

Population Health (PH) is an approach to health that aims to improve the health of an entire population and seeks to step beyond the individual-level focus of mainstream medicine by addressing a broad range of factors that impact health on a population-level, such as environment, literacy, ethnicity, social structure, resource distribution, etc. An important theme in population health is "the significance" of social determinants of health

The CwiC-PH track will include longitudinal mentored relationships, working closely with key faculty; didactic sessions and group seminars; experiential opportunities; on-line programs; enhanced third year clerkships; and opportunities to apply credits to other advanced degree programs (e.g. 15 credits toward Jefferson MD/MPH)

The CwiC-PH track is ideal for those interested in:

  • A career in academic medicine and population health
  • Community based research in future practice locally and globally
  • Addressing health equity and social justice
  • Improving quality and cost of care
  • Engaging with communities locally and globally
  • Achievement beyond the curriculum

A professor in the Department of Family and Community Medicine, Dr. James Plumb serves as the Faculty Advisor for a student-run Urban Health Initiative (JeffHOPE) addressing the health care needs of homeless and otherwise disenfranchised populations at four shelters and a needle exchange. He also directs the Center for Urban Health. In 2003, he received his Masters in Public Health Degree from the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University.

Dr. Plumb maintains a clinical practice at St. Elizabeth's Community Center in Lower North Philadelphia, in partnership with Project H.O.M.E. He also teaches several courses in Jefferson's MPH Program, and directs five 4th year electives related to community medicine. Since 1992, he has worked with partners in Uganda and Rwanda East Africa. His service, education and research interests include: socially complex patients, homeless care, men’s health, Community Based Participatory Research, obesity, community medicine, Global Health, and application of the chronic care model.


James Plumb, MD, MPH
Department of Family &
Community Medicine

Center for Urban Health

Dr. Rickie Brawer, a public health practitioner, educator and researcher, is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Family and Community Medicine and Associate Director of the Center for Urban Health at Jefferson University Hospital. Over the past six years she has taught the multiple classes in the Jefferson MPH Program. She has also served on more than 40 Capstone Committees and has mentored more than thirty public health students from other public health academic programs. She has been involved in integrating public health content and experiential opportunities into the core JMC curriculum and teaching several community medicine electives. Dr. Brawer has research expertise in Community Based Participatory Research focusing on obesity, the built environment, developing low-literacy materials, coalition development and sustainability, men's health issues, diabetes, breast cancer and the development a community wellness center.


Rickie Brawer, PhD, MPH
Assistant Professor
Department of Family &
Community Medicine

Associate Director
Center for Urban Health


Application Process

Application available:

Application deadline:
January 5, 2015 

Acceptance letters distributed:
January 26, 2015

Student confirmation /refusal deadline:
February 2, 2015


Students must be in good academic standing.

Students may apply to only one CWIC program track.

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