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Community Systems Administration/ Nursing Informatics (CSA/NI)

The professional CSA/NI nurse will be educated to provide leadership in the community-oriented healthcare system where expertise in utilization of nursing informatics to assess, plan and evaluate health programs for groups or communities is required.

The following courses are in addition to the Graduate Nursing Core Curriculum:

CSA/NI Program Indirect Care & Functional Area Core Curriculum Credits
NU 681 Community Systems Administration I 3
NU 682 Community Systems Administration II 3
NU 683 Community Systems Administration III 3
NU 689 Healthcare Informatics: Ethics, Issues, and Trends 3
NU 690 Nursing/Healthcare Informatics: Project Management 3
NU 691 Healthcare Economics and Financial Management for Nurses 3
Elective 3
NU 693 Nursing Informatics Seminar and Practicum I 3
NU 694 Nursing Informatics Seminar and Practicum II 3
NU 695 Nursing Informatics Seminar and Practicum III 3

CSA/NI Program Director: Kellie Smith,