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MSN/MPH Dual Degree

The purpose of the MSN/MPH dual degree program is to provide an opportunity for nurses interested in a strong public health background to integrate advanced practice nursing with public health research and practice in order to complement advanced practice nursing concepts with public health theory and skills. Whereas dual/joint degrees often require all coursework for both programs to be completed before awarding the degrees, this dual/joint program allows the student to be awarded one degree if all coursework for the specialty area is completed. Depending on the MSN academic track, students can transfer 9-12 credits into the 45-credit MPH degree program.

The following courses are in addition to the MSN Core Curriculum:

FNP Direct Care & Functional Area Core Curriculum Credits
NU 560 Advanced Pharmacotherapeutics (NP) 3
NU 570 Pathophysiology of Human Disease (NP) 3
NU 673 Comprehensive Assessment for Clinical Decision Making (NP) 3
NU 691 Healthcare Econ & Financial Management (CSA) 3
PBH 500 US Healthcare Delivery and Organization 3
PBH 501 Introduction to Public Health 2
PBH 502 Behavioral and Social Theories in Public Health 3
PBH 504 Basic Public Health Statistics 3
PBH 506 Fundamentals of Epidemiology 3
PBH 507 Fundamentals of Environmental Health 3
PBH 509 Public Health Policy and Advocacy 3
PBH 510 Health Services Research 3
PBH 520 Program Planning and Evaluation 3
PBH 600 Capstone Seminar 2
PBH 601 Capstone Project 4
PBH 650 Clerkship 3
Electives (10 credits from selection below)  
PBH 503 History of Public Health 3
PBH 511 Health Communications 3
PBH 512 Qualitative Research Methods 2
PBH 514 Introduction to Global Health 2
PBH 515 Cultural Humility and Competence 3
PBH 605 Advanced Public Health Statistics 3
PBH 606 Advanced Epidemiology 2
PBH 607 Environmental and Occupational Toxicology 1
PBH 608 Epidemiology of Chronic Conditions 1
PBH 609 GIS Mapping 2

Director of Community Systems Administration: Kellie Smith