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Nursing Informatics (NI)

The Nursing Informatics Specialty prepares the professional nurse to address the clinical information and knowledge issues facing healthcare now and in the future. Specific focus includes development and implementation of clinical information systems for data analysis, patient care management or education and provide clinical education, research and knowledge dissemination alternatives. The NI specialty prepares student to support the delivery of health care with a combination of computer science, information science, and nursing science. Nursing Informatics specialists have been extremely effective in collaborating with other health disciplines to better use information systems to analyze patient and clinical performance data and incorporate roles associated with education, project management, product design, consultancy, and performance of research and evaluation of health care outcomes. Graduates of the Nursing Informatics Specialty are eligible for Nursing Informatics Clinical Nurse Specialist certification through the American Nurses' Association.

The following courses are in addition to the MSN Core Curriculum:

NI Specialty Courses Credits
NU 689 Health Care Informatics: Ethics, Issues and Trends 3
NU 690 Nursing/Healthcare Informatics: Project Management 3
NU 691 Healthcare Economics & Financial Management for Nurses
NU 693 Nursing Informatics Seminar and Practicum I 3
NU 694 Nursing Informatics Seminar and Practicum II 3
NU 695 Nursing Informatics Seminar and Practicum III 3

Program Coordinator: Ingrid Hilghman,