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Background Screening

Dear Returning DNP, CRNA, MSN, FACT, BSN Student:

As a returning student to Jefferson College of Nursing, please note that American Data Bank requirements must be completed annually. I want to take this opportunity to share some vital information about your American Data Bank requirements for the upcoming Pre-Fall and Fall 2011 semesters. 

If you are a student returning to the FACT program in May 2011, you should begin the process of securing clearances through American Data Bank upon receipt of this notice. For students returning to the program for the Fall 2011 semester, it is critical to initiate the process of securing clearances by April 28, 2011.  JCN believes starting this process early will allow ample time for your results to be completed thus avoiding a disruption of your studies in your respective program.

Please visit the American Data Bank website at
to start the process. You are to choose Package 1.  In addition to the instructions posted on the American Data Bank website, we would like to make you aware of the following specific information:

  1. Pennsylvania Child Abuse
    The PA child abuse form is a separate application form and fee.  The PA child abuse form must be downloaded from the American Data Bank website, completed by you, and mailed to Harrisburg.  The results will be sent back to you.  You will have to make a photo copy of the results and fax it back to American Data Bank at the fax number  303-531-2055. PLEASE DO NOT FAX THE ORIGINAL, YOU MUST ONLY FAX A PHOTO COPY.
  2. Delaware Child Abuse
    To be completed ONLY If you have been notified that you need to complete a Delaware Child Abuse. Please be aware that this is done IN ADDITION to your PA Child Abuse.  Also please note that the Delaware result is sent to the clinical site you have noted on your application, THESE RESULTS ARE NOT SENT BACK TO YOU. 
  3. Fingerprints
    Some students have difficulty with the clarity of their prints.  American Data Bank suggests that prior to having your fingerprints done you should:
    • Wash your hands less frequently for two or three days before having your prints rolled. 
    • Put on hand lotion before having the prints rolled.
    • Ask the officer/official rolling your prints to spray a ridge building or softening agent on your finger pads before they begin rolling your prints.
    • If you feel your prints are in good shape but you are concerned about how the prints were physically rolled it is recommended that you go to another location for your next set.  You can go to a police station or any security company that offers fingerprint rolling services. 
    • You can also have electronic (Live Scan) prints taken and then have the fingerprint images printed on a card and send the card to American Data Bank.  The advantage to this method is that the Live Scan machine will immediately alert the officer/official taking the prints if the prints are legible and they can re-roll the prints as many times as necessary to get viable prints.  The disadvantage is that if your prints are in extremely poor shape, they may not be able to get a viable set of prints no matter what actions are taken. Students are not required to obtain Live Scan prints; they may send "hard card" prints for as many sets as needed.
  4. Again, please be sure to initiate this process according to the timeframes established above. Best wishes for your continued success in your program of study.


Elizabeth Speakman, EdD, RN, CDE, ANEF
Associate Professor
Associate Dean of Student Affairs
Jefferson College of Nursing
Thomas Jefferson University

Important Notice

Individuals who have been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor may be denied certification or licensure as a health professional.  Information regarding individual eligibility may be obtained from the appropriate credentialing bodies.  Clinical rotation and fieldwork sites may require a criminal background check and/or child abuse check in order to permit participation in the clinical experience, rotation or fieldwork.  Participation in clinical experiences, rotations or fieldwork is a required part of the curriculum and a requirement for graduation.  Clinical rotation and fieldwork sites may deny a student's participation in the clinical experience, rotation or fieldwork because of a felony or misdemeanor conviction, failure of a required drug test, or inability to produce an appropriate health clearance, which would result in delayed graduation or in the inability to graduate from the program.