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June Andrews Horowitz, PhD, MSN, BSN

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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Nurse home visits improve maternal/infant interaction and decrease severity of postpartum depression
  2. Interventions to promote maternal responsiveness and sensitivity
  3. A Community-Based Screening Initiative to Identify Mothers at Risk for Postpartum Depression
  4. The inextricable nature of mental and physical health: Implications for integrative care
  5. Community-based postpartum depression screening: Results from the CARE study
  6. Psychometric evaluation of the child-adolescent teasing scale
  7. Depression symptom prevalence and demographic risk factors among U.S. women during the first 2 years postpartum
  8. How does postpartum depression affect breastfeeding?
  9. Clinical assessment of mothering during infancy
  10. Postpartum depression treatment rates for at-risk women
  11. Community-based postpartum depression screening within the first month after delivery.
  12. Postpartum depression without delivering a child? Invited comment
  13. Effective use of critique and dialogue at scholarly conferences
  14. Measurement of maternal-infant interaction
  15. The relationship of maternal attributes, resources, and perceptions of postpartum experiences to depression
  16. Identifying and treating postpartum depression
  17. Teasing and bullying experiences of middle school students
  18. A longitudinal study of maternal postpartum depression symptoms.
  19. Postpartum practices and depression prevalences: Technocentric and ethnokinship cultural perspectives
  20. Conducting school-based focus groups: Lessons learned from the CATS project