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Ksenia Zukowsky, PhD, APRN, NNP-BC

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Philadelphia, PA 19107

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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Practical planning to maintain premature infants' safety during magnetic resonance imaging: A systematic review
  2. Do nurses provide a safe sleep environment for infants in the hospital setting?: An integrative review
  3. The use of role play for interdisciplinary teaching of palliative care communication skills
  4. Hypothermia and Occlusive Skin Wrap in the Low Birth Weight Premature Infant: An Evidentiary Review
  5. Guest editorial
  6. Kids into health careers: A rural initiative
  7. Implementing an MSN nursing program at a distance through an urban-rural partnership
  8. When should students be eligible for certification?
  9. Parenting after infertility: Issues for families and infants
  10. A survey of the current neonatal nurse practitioner workforce
  11. Breastfed Low-Birth-Weight Premature Infants: A Description of Nutritional Intake in the First 6 Months of Life
  12. Breast-fed low-birth-weight premature neonates: Developmental assessment and nutritional intake in the first 6 months of life
  13. Resubmission of a grant application: breastfeeding services for LBW infants.
  14. Advanced ventilation in the neonate.
  15. Pulmonary function testing in the critically ill neonate, Part III: Case studies.
  16. Pulmonary function testing in the critically ill neonate, Part II: Methodology.
  17. Pulmonary function testing in the critically ill neonate, Part I: An overview.
  18. Neonatal nurse practitioners. Who are they?
  19. Concerns of mothers of low birthweight infants.
  20. Neonatal sucking as a clinical assessment tool: Preliminary findings