October 21, 2014

JSN faculty and student participation in national events, Spring 2014

AACN Student Policy Summit


Five JSN students attended the AACN Student Policy Summit in Washington, DC, March 23-25, 2014:

  • Katherine McHale
  • Catherine Black
  • Michele Freed-Madrack
  • Terry Lynn Fazio
  • Ivan Denker

Dean Beth Ann Swan accompanied them in visits to Capitol Hill during AACN’s Spring Deans Meeting.

Eastern Nursing Research Society

Jefferson School of Nursing was well represented at the Eastern Nursing Research Society (ENRS) meeting held in Philadelphia in April.

Three students were supported by JSN faculty and presented posters at the conference.  

  • Megan Williams, DNP student, with Dr. Jennifer Bellot
  • Lori Pietrowski, DNP student, with Dr. Ann Phalen
  • Mike Wortell, BSN student, with Dr. Kathy Ashton

JSN faculty members played a variety of roles at the conference.

  • Dr. Kathy Black, Dr. Ksenia Zukowsky and Laura Roettger copresented a poster on simulation and palliative care
  • Dr. Ann Phalen presented a poster with DNP alumnus Dr. Peggy Lyons
  • Carey Heck (JSN Faculty member) – presented a poster as a PhD student from Villanova
  • Michael Conti (JSN Faculty member) – presented a poster as a PhD student from Villanova
  • Dr. June Horowitz did both poster and podium presentations
  • Dr. Kellie Smith had a podium presentation
  • Dr. Angela Gerolamo presented a podium presentation
  • Dr. Mary Bouchaud, Dr. Ann Phalen, and Dr. June Horowitz were session moderators

National Student Nurses Association (NSNA) Annual Convention

Several students attended the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA) Annual Convention in Nashville April 9 to 13, 2014 with faculty member Maria Marinelli. Student attendees were:

  • Jennifer Shoemaker
  • Gaby Schiavone
  • Erica English
  • Liz Santaniello
  • Christina Hamilton
  • Wendy Varner
  • Amanda Longo
  • Jackie Spencer
  • Katelyn MacCready