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Quality & Safety Leadership Series

The Quality and Safety Leadership Series (QSLS) is a live series of educational programs that can be customized to meet the unique needs of healthcare professionals, whether they have clinical or administrative responsibilities. Through the generous support of Sanofi US, the Jefferson College of Population Health (JCPH) developed this series to connect some of the nation’s foremost experts to healthcare professionals across the country. To date, QSLS has conducted over 40 programs for diverse audiences (e.g., board members, clinicians, hospital administrative leaders) and venues (e.g., professional association conferences, hospital symposia, board retreats).

These programs are geared toward institutions and professional associations seeking to learn how to improve the quality and safety of healthcare delivery. Content is customized to meet the unique needs of each organization that requests a program and JCPH maintains a catalog of presenters and topics (PDF). QSLS program staff members help identify appropriate speakers based on the information submitted and facilitate a teleconference meeting between program facilitators and the requesting organization.

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As healthcare expenditures have continued to rise, stakeholders across the healthcare system are searching for ways to improve the quality of care and optimize the use of resources. Achieving these goals requires engaging and educating each participant — patient, payer and provider — so that they can better understand the issues and work together toward meaningful solutions. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has led to the introduction of several new initiatives aimed at increasing accountability for outcomes and delivering a higher return on healthcare expenditures.

Program Goals

  • Provide an opportunity for health system leaders to observe and interact with experts who have successfully implemented hospital quality improvement initiatives
  • Introduce the participants to the issues, terminology and processes in quality improvement and provide first-hand experience with national experts in an open forum
  • Facilitate interactive discussions with leading experts regarding quality improvement using case studies
  • Disseminate information regarding the impact of quality improvement on population health and economic measures

About the Presenters

JCPH has recruited an esteemed cadre of experts from around the country with diverse backgrounds and expertise in quality and process improvement. This group serves as the presenters for the QSLS. Each member has valuable expertise in clinical practice, quality improvement and/or health policy.

These experts can help motivate attendees to implement needed quality improvement measures. They are geographically diverse and understand diverse regional challenges and issues. JCPH staff members work with the requesting entity to identify appropriate speakers based on the organization’s specifications. All participating experts are under contract with JCPH, and are specifically prohibited from engaging in any promotional or product-related activities.

View the complete list of speaker biographies (PDF).

Content Guidelines

All content is subject to the following:

  • JCPH is responsible for updating and monitoring content, in conjunction with QSLS faculty
  • Content for each program will be based on the learning objectives and for the target audience identified in the host’s program request
  • Content will address specific areas commonly targeted for quality improvement initiatives
    • Previous programs have covered diabetes, chronic care models/care coordination, health information technology, registries and meaningful use
  • Specific products or therapies will not be endorsed or promoted