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PhD in Population Health Sciences

In keeping with the JSPH mission, the goal of the PhD in Population Health Sciences is to prepare leaders with global vision to develop, implement and evaluate health policies and systems that improve the health of populations and thereby enhance the quality of life of these populations. More specifically, the PhD in Population Health Sciences prepares leaders as scholars, researchers, educators and health information specialists in core aspects of population health science.

  • As scholars, graduates will be able to
    • Demonstrate innovative, creative and original contributions to the state of knowledge in population health
    • Develop policy based on research and communicate to various audiences the role of research in the development of policy related to population health
    • Critically evaluate research proposals and peer-authored manuscripts in population health
    • Prepare and write grant proposals for research in population health and prepare and write manuscripts for peer-reviewed publication
    • Teach, advise, and mentor future students/ learners in various areas of population health
  • As researchers, graduates will be able to
    • Conceptualize, design, and lead interdisciplinary research involving the distribution of health outcomes (e.g., mortality, morbidity, quality of life) and the health determinants (e.g., medical care, socioeconomic status, genetics, public health) that influence this distribution
    • Apply sound theoretical and ethical frameworks and advanced quantitative and qualitative methodologies in the development and conduct of research
    • Translate research into policy and public health practice
  • As educators, graduates will be able to
    • Demonstrate application of competent teaching and instructional skills for both f2f (face to face) and online learning formats
    • Develop curricula in population health sciences that reflects sound pedagogical practice
  • As practitioners, graduates will be able to
    • Collaborate with policy makers, organizations, and communities to plan, conduct and translate research into health policy and practice
    • Work with, build and lead interdisciplinary teams that contribute to coalition building
    • Critically appraise grants, participate in the grant writing and review process, and write proposals
    • Integrate application of health IT into multiple areas of research and practice
    • Use decision support and clinical information systems in optimal ways that contribute to research and policy development
    • Identify, manage and evaluate data sources related to health and population health sciences