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Research Interest Groups

The Research team has convened several interest groups designed to stimulate new research ideas and to foster sharing of ideas among faculty and staff with shared interests.

Current groups, which generally meet at least monthly, include:

Healthy Aging Research Team

JSPH created the Healthy Aging Research Team (HART) to advance healthy aging research and inform education, policy and clinical practice related to population health. HART brings together JSPH’s extensive experience in research on aging and population health, with distinctive qualification in the critically important domains of access, quality of care, and quality of life. HART is interdisciplinary and is composed of professionals with extensive experience in aging research, education, policy and clinical practice.

The specific capabilities for HART include:

  • Measuring the clinical, economic, and humanistic outcomes in aging populations
  • Establishing metrics to enhance quality and safety across the aging care continuum
  • Examining decision-making paradigms in palliative and end of life care
  • Disseminating knowledge of best practices regarding healthy aging to key stakeholders including policy makers, clinicians, researchers, and consumers
  • Investigating cultural relevance and health literacy in aging populations
  • Developing and evaluating interventions designed to improve healthy aging and minimize the impact of chronic disease
  • Addressing community built environment policies and programs to support healthy aging
  • Promoting patient engagement, chronic care self-management, and adherence

Oncology Outcomes

The group seeks to identify opportunities through research to improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of care for people with cancer. Areas of interest include: the cancer patient's needs from and perceptions of care; improving access to cancer screening and prevention services; measuring and improving care outcomes; and assessing costs of screening and treatment.

Global Climate Change & Health

Despite increased recognition that the global climate is changing, limited attention has been paid to implications for population health. This interest group is reviewing the existing literature in an attempt to identify new research opportunities. One of the group's first initiatives was pilot testing of a physician questionnaire seeking to identify the extent to which physicians are aware of global climate change and the theoretical and empirical evidence regarding health impact. The group also is exploring potential data sources and research designs for producing further evidence regarding the links between climate and adverse health outcomes.