Thomas Jefferson University

Dean's Transformational Science Award

The Deans' Transformational Science Award (DTSA) is an initiative of the Jefferson Committee on Research (JCOR), awarded through the Office of the Provost. This award mechanism is designed to enhance the success of Jefferson’s research-intensive faculty and to nurture the development of HIGH-IMPACT SCIENCE. The intent of the DTSA funding mechanism is to catalyze Transformational Science initiatives driven by Jefferson faculty and enable the generation of pivotal data that will form the basis of new, federally-funded, extramural grant submissions.

Faculty from all of Jefferson’s Colleges are encouraged to submit proposals on TRANSFORMATIONAL RESEARCH TOPICS in the basic and clinical/translational sciences. Solo investigators or multi-investigator teams are eligible to apply. Successful applicants will be pursuing lines of investigation that contribute to either departmental missions or larger institutional programmatic goals. 

More information on the DTSA award, including submission guidelines, deadlines and forms required for submission, is located on the JCOR site.  Information on previous recipients of the DTSA award, and the topics of their DTSA grants are found  below.

Sue Menko, PhD
Chair, Committee on Research
Professor, Pathology, Anatomy & Cell Biology
1020 Locust Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107
(215) 503-2166

Proposal Instructions
Submission Process

Once a year submission
Submission dates:
second Monday of January
Award dates: July 1
Award range: $25K-$50K
Length of award: 1 year
Review: by the “Deans' Transformational Science Award” Subcommittee of the Dean’s Committee on Research (COR)

  • Review process will include input from Jefferson faculty at-large with relevant expertise
  • NIH study section scoring system and critique format will be used for evaluation and provided to the investigator
  • Funding recommendations will be made by the JCOR to the Provost
  • Final funding decisions by the Office of the Provost

As a bridge for NIH or pilot funding, please note that non-federal funding opportunities are available here.

Past DTSA Awardees

Alexander Mazo, Bruno Calabretta, Lorraine Iacovitti – Departments of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Cancer Biology and Neuroscience

Project: “The role of post-replicative chromatin structure in biological plasticity of undifferentiated human blood progenitor cells and embryonic stem cells”

Sophie Astrof and Rajanikanth Vadigepalli – Departments of Medicine and Pathology, Anatomy and Cell Biology

Project: “Systems biology of congenital aortic arch malformations”

George Brainard, Melanie Elliott, Karl Doghramji, Stephen Stache, Ralph Franks, Brenda Byrne, and Mijail Serruya – Departments of Neurology, Neurological Surgery,  Psychiatry, and Family and Community Medicine

Project: “Randomized clinical trial of light therapy for treating sleep and fatigue in concussion patients”

Bo Lu – Department of Radiation Oncology

Project: “Validate Nit1 as a novel therapeutic target against lung cancer”

Robert Den and Roger Armen – Departments of Radiation Oncology, Cancer Biology, and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Project: “Targeting RHAMM: reducing the metastatic burden from prostate cancer”

Ya-Ming Hou and Yohei Kirino – Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and Center for Computational Medicine

Project: “The Molecular Basis of Mitochondrial MELAS Syndrome”

Matthew Dalva, Diane Merry, and Judith Ross – Departments of Neuroscience, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and Pediatrics

Project: “Neuroligins (NLGN4Y) in synapse development: a candidate gene for autism spectrum disorder in males”

Andrew Aplin and Takami Sato – Departments of Cancer Biology and Medical Oncology

Project: “Targeted therapeutic strategies in metastatic uveal melanoma”

Lucia Languino and Adam Dicker – Departments of Cancer Biology and Radiation Oncology

Project: “Mechanisms of resistance to radiation therapy of neuroendocrine prostate cancer”

Mathew Thakur – Department of Radiology

Project: “Targeting a genomic biomarker for PET imaging and staging of bladder urothelial cancer”

Jeff Benovic and Charles Scott – Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Project: “Intracellular peptide libraries as tools for discovery and validation of druggable targets”

Marianthi Kiriakidou – Department of Medicine/Rheumatology

Project: “The role of miR-210 in the immune response in lupus”

Mijail Serruya and Melanie Elliott – Departments of Neurology, and Neurological Surgery

Prospect: “Prospective outcomes trial of biomarker triad in concussion patients”