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Shared Biomedical Resources Facilities
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A core is a centralized resource with expertise for delivery of services to multiple faculty in support of research.

Current Biomedical Resources Facilities
Primarily KCC-based

BioimagingJames H. Keen, PhD (215) 503-4770
BiostatisticsTerry Hyslop, PhD   (215) 503-7806
Flow Cytometry Jianke Zhang, PhD (215) 503-4559
Cancer Genomics Paolo Fortina, MD, PhD (215) 955-0683
Informatics Jack W. London, PhD  (215) 503-4599
Laboratory Animals & CryopreservationLinda Siracusa, PhD (215) 503-4536
Small Animal ImagingMathew L. Thakur, PhD(215) 503-7874
Translational Research/PathologyMark T. Curtis, MD, PhD/
Hallgeir Rui, MD, PhD
(215) 503-4404 
X-Ray Crystallography &
Molecular Characterization
John M. Pascal, PhD
Michael Root, MD, PhD
(215) 503-4596
(215) 503-4564

Non KCC-based
Electron Microscopy CoreTheodore F. Taraschi, PhD(215) 503-5020
Jefferson Vaccine Center ResourcesMatthias J. Schnell, PhD (215) 503-4634
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