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I need approval or training related to regulations regarding finances

ORA courses are offered in our area of expertise and to fulfill our mission. Administrators and researchers may desire professional development in other areas. Go to ORA Help.

Other Jefferson departments and partners who offer research related training are as follows:

TJU Financial Procedures Training

  • Basic Mathematical Software such as Excel: Information Systems Training Center schedule
  • Finance Fundamentals – Check the Human Resource Department’s current Learning and Development Center Resource Guide, found on the Human Resources web site.

Specific Financial Software

Tutorials are available for:

  • Vista Plus PowerPoint tutorial from IS&T – you can also sign into the PULSE Vista organization for the Vista training manual. Classroom training from the Information Systems Training Center is also available. To see the latest schedule, check the Information Systems Training Center schedule
  • Labor Distribution: PowerPoint Tutorial from the Controller's Office
  • Material Management (Procurement cards): Log in to Blackboard and join the “Procurement Card Organization;" access to training is provided within the organization.

Contact the responsible department listed below for: