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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are faculty members insured for services performed on behalf of TJU?

A. Employed faculty are covered under the University’s miscellaneous professional liability policy for non-clinical services performed on or behalf of TJU.  Please note that this coverage applies to non MD professionals.  JUP maintains a separate malpractice insurance program.

Q. Are students insured for clinical rotations?

A. Students of Jefferson’s Colleges and Schools are covered under the University’s miscellaneous professional liability policy for clinical rotations.

Q. Are students insured under the University’s workers compensation policy?

A. No, students are not considered employees and therefore are not covered under workers’ compensation.  If students are injured as a result of class activity, he/she should look to individual health insurance policies for coverage.  However, if students are injured they should report to the Department of University Health Services for proper treatment and each injury should be reported.

Q. Where can I obtain information if I am a JUP physician or former JUP physician?

A. JUP physician information can be obtained from the office of JUP Risk Management (see JUP contact information under the Contact section of the Risk Management web page).

Q. How do I obtain a claims history and or proof of coverage?

A. Claims histories and or proof of coverage for University faculty and students may be obtained through the department of Corporate Risk Management & Insurance.  All requests should be directed to or by calling 215-503-6486.  If you are a JUP physician/former JUP physician, please contact the office of JUP Risk Management directly.

Q. How do I obtain a certificate of insurance?

A. Requests for certificates of insurance should be completed using the Request for Certificate of Insurance Form and emailed to the contact listed.  These requests are for approved off campus events, evidence of coverage for clinical affiliations, and other TJU/JUP related approved events/contracts.

Q. How do I obtain information about renting vehicles for University business?

A. Go to the “auto coverage” section of the Risk Management website for specific details.

Q. Does the University insure personal property of students, employees, and faculty, such as jewelry, artwork, radios, books, etc.?

A. No, the University does not insure personal property.