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Auto Insurance

Thomas Jefferson University maintains automobile coverage for bodily injury and/or property damage resulting from the use of automobiles in the course of the University's and JUP's operations.

The policy covers owned, hired, and non-owned autos. Owned autos are vehicles owned by the University as listed on the current vehicle list. Vehicles on the University’s program are leased through the Department of Supply Chain Management.  Each department with a leased vehicle has a custodian responsible for management of vehicles, to include regular service to vehicle, lease payments, and registration/inspection renewal.

Hired autos are vehicles leased or rented by the University for business purposes. 

Non-owned autos are vehicles not owned or hired but otherwise used for University business. 

Employees who drive their personal vehicle on University business are primarily insured under their personal auto insurance because insurance follows the vehicle under statutory financial responsibility laws.  Excess liability coverage may be available under the University's policy.

In the Event of an Auto Accident

  1. If you are on the road, be sure to pull over to a safe area if possible and alert the proper authorities.  Remain with the vehicle unless in an emergent situation or what may appear to be a dangerous situation.
  2. If someone is injured, notify 911 immediately.
  3. Admit no liability at the scene to ensure a proper and thorough investigation.
  4. Exchange insurance information and obtain as much vehicle information as possible, including but not limited to the other driver’s name and license plate number.
  5. Take photos of the damage and the accident scene.
  6. Complete the TJU Accident Report Form (found under the Forms section) and contact Risk Management as soon as possible at 215-503-6486, to report your accident.  Risk Management will provide further instructions on the accident or claim handling.

Adding Drivers and Vehicles to the TJU Program

Drivers may be added to the program by completing the TJU Driver Add Form (found under the Forms section) and immediately forwarding to risk management. Please note that clear copies of the driver license are required and therefore, cannot be faxed.

If your department is obtaining a new vehicle or there is updated vehicle information, i.e. license plate number, the TJU Vehicle Report Form must be completed and submitted to risk management.

Completed information, with the exception of drivers licenses, may be submitted via interdepartmental mail, fax at 215-503-1167 or email at

Renting Vehicles for TJU/JUP Business-Related Matters:

The University’s auto insurance policy provides blanket coverage for “any auto” used on TJU/JUP business, so there is no need for employees to buy coverage.  If the rental agency requires proof of insurance, such evidence can be provided through our office.