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Summer Research Program


An applicant to the Sidney Kimmel Medical College (SKMC) Student Summer Research Program must complete the online program application before the specified deadline. Applications that are incomplete or are submitted after the deadline may be considered only if the delay was due to serious extenuating circumstances.

At the time of the application, each student must:

  • be a first year medical student at Jefferson's Sidney Kimmel Medical College;
  • be in good academic standing; and
  • have identified a field or program that he/she is interested in.

Application deadline: The application for 2017 will open on 12/5/2016. Application deadline is 1/9/2017 (4pm).

Summer research work must be conducted at Jefferson or affiliated sites (including the Wills Eye Institute, the Rothman Institute, Methodist Hospital, and Nemours/duPont Hospital for Children), under the mentorship of a Thomas Jefferson University faculty member. Research work at non-Jefferson environments is rarely allowed and requires pre-approval (before the submission of the application).

Each applicant is strongly encouraged to discuss his/her interests with the relevant departmental director or research contact and/or with potential summer advisors. Applicants should also check for opportunities among posted/advertised projects. This process allows the applicant to indicate in his/her application the most appropriate formal research program for his/her summer research. Applicants who have discussed their interests with a departmental research contact or potential summer advisor (when appropriate) prior to their online program application are more likely to be selected into the program.

Application Review

The following criteria will be used during the review of applications:

  • The student’s prior research experience, including prior or current work with his/her potential summer research advisor.
  • The clarity of any specific summer research plans.
  • The student’s participation in the College within the College Program or other similar Jefferson or non-Jefferson formal research programs.

Selection decisions will be made after consideration of the fields of interest and potential advisors specified by all applicants (for example, the program typically does not select more than two students to work with the same advisor), as well as the funding sources available for the various programs.

Selection Notification

Each student will be notified about whether he/she has been selected for the program via e-mail 2-3 weeks after the close of the program application window (typically around the end of January). Each student will then have 7-10 days from this notification to decide whether to accept the slot offered and whether his/her acceptance is contingent on a finalized decision regarding funding.  

Financial Support

Any student can apply to and participate in the program. However, application and selection into the program does not automatically imply financial support. Students who are interested in obtaining financial support should indicate so in their application and contact Jefferson's Office of Student Financial Aid to complete separate institutional and Federal Work Study (FWS) applications. Students should complete the federal FAFSA application at prior to contacting the Office of Student Financial Aid. The financial aid paperwork should ideally be completed before the program application deadline, and in any case within 2 weeks after notification of selection into the program. Students who are ineligible for FWS may still receive support through SKMC , depending on available funds. For more details, see Financial Support.

Decisions regarding financial support will depend on the actual amount of funds that are available each year and which typically become known by the middle of March. An email confirming the funding determination will be sent to students at that time.  

Program Requirements

All students participating in the Sidney Kimmel Medical College Student Summer Research Program will be expected to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Attend orientation session (end of April or beginning of May).
  • Attend seminars and complete assignments (June-July).
  • Complete mentored research project (June-August) and obtain advisor evaluation/attestation (by end of September).
  • Complete an oral presentation (middle/end of August).
  • Complete a written abstract (by end of August).
  • Complete online program evaluation (by end of August).

Vacation may be taken during the program, but it should normally not be taken during the last week of the program period when presentations occur.

For details, see Programs / Components and Requirements.


A student may decide to withdraw from the program at any time with no academic penalties or consequences. However, the student’s summer financial support may be discontinued if the award was tied to work on the summer research project.