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Diabetes Resources at Jefferson

Jefferson offers a number of resources to support individuals with diabetes or prediabetes (when your blood sugar is high but not high enough to have diabetes)

  • Learning to Manage and Live with Diabetes consists of three two-hour weekly sessions.  Topics include: overview of diabetes, blood sugar monitoring, healthy eating and avoiding complications.
  • Divabetic, a Jefferson Diabetes Support Group, meets the  third Thursday of each month.
  • Diabetes Information and Support for Your Health is a four-session education program for individuals with diabetes or prediabetes.
  • The Jefferson Community Diabetes Prevention Program uses lifestyle coaches who work with you for one year to help you lose weight, become more active, and reduce stress.   

Press & Publications


JUNE 2017. Our VOICe team has completed the first phase of our project! We interviewed 90 individuals to learn about their priorities when managing their diabetes. Participants were recruited from JFMA, Jefferson’s emergency department, and after a recent hospital stay at TJUH. We are now analyzing the interviews through a process known as coding.

Our research team and Patient & Key Stakeholder Advisory Board (PAKSAB) members collaborated closely to develop our interview questions and analysis plan. Special thanks to research coordinator Alex Gentsch for her leadership on the interviews and coding, and to research assistant Mandy Doty and PAKSAB members Gail Weingarten, Larry Loebell, and Neva White for serving as interviewers and members of the analysis team.

The next step of our study is to hold concept mapping (group brainstorming) sessions to identify outcomes important to patients with diabetes. We will then compare our findings from the concept mapping and interviews to see which is more effective and efficient. Stay tuned for concept mapping updates in Fall 2017.