Thomas Jefferson University


Thomas Jefferson University's Office for Student Affairs and Career Counseling (OSACC) provides important information and resources to help you successfully navigate your way through the residency application, interviewing and matching processes.

Program Directors

David L. Paskin, MD
Vice Dean
Graduate Medical Education & Affiliations
Phone: 215-955-5017

John Caruso, MD
Senior Associate Dean
Graduate Medical Education & Affiliations
Phone: 215-955-6153

Gretchen Diemer, MD
Associate Dean
Graduate Medical Education & Affiliations
Phone: 215-955-0293

Debra A. Cifelli
Director, Medical Staff & House Staff Affairs
Phone: 215-955-6610

Department Contacts

Anesthesiology Zvi Grunwald, MD Steven E. McNulty, DO
Dermatology Jouni J. Uitto, MD, PhD Jason B. Lee, MD
Emergency Medicine Theodore A. Christopher, MD Ronald V. Hall, MD
Family Medicine Christine A. Arenson, MD R. Patrick McManus, MD
Medicine Gregory C. Kane, MD Emily Stewart, MD
Neurology Abdolmohamad Rostami, MD, PhD Christopher T. Skidmore, MD
Neurosurgery Robert H. Rosenwasser, MD Ashwini D. Sharan, MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology William Schlaff, MD Abigail Wolf, MD
Ophthalmology Julia A. Haller, MD Tara Uhler, MD
Oral Surgery Robert Diecidue, DMD, MD Daniel Taub, MD, DDS
Orthopaedic Surgery Todd J. Albert, MD James J. Purtill, MD
Otolaryngology William M. Keane, MD Edmund A. Pribitkin, MD
Pathology Stephen C. Peiper, M.D. Mark Curtis, M.D.
Pediatrics Jay Greenspan, MD Steven M. Selbst, MD
Psychiatry & Human Behavior Michael J. Vergare, MD Kenneth Certa, MD
Radiation Oncology Adam P. Dicker, MD Voichita Bar-Ad, MD
Radiology Vijay M. Rao, MD Suzanne Long, MD
Rehabilitation Medicine John L. Melvin, MD Michael Mallow, MD
Surgery Charles J.Yeo, MD Karen Chojnacki, MD
Urology Leonard G. Gomella, MD Patrick J. Shenot, MD


House Staff Stipends for July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017
PGY Level Annual Stipend
1 $53,512
2 $55,140
3 $56,713
4 $59,978
5 $62,326
6 $66,072
7 $68,487
8 $70,831


Your coverages begin immediately unless a different date is shown in the summary. Through the OPT program, you will be able to select a benefits package that best suits your needs.


Residents are entitled to four weeks of vacation and one personal day each year (21 working days). The residents are not allowed to take more than one week (5 working days) at a time from any single service. In accordance with hospital policy, vacation days cannot be carried over to the following year.