Thomas Jefferson University

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Specialized Teaching Spaces

Numerous medium to large teaching spaces on campus have been equipped with additional capabilities. These classrooms or auditoria will offer access to features such as a Smart Podium (interactive annotation monitor), built-in lectern PC, installed projection and sound systems and automated lecture recording capability (CLAS). Rooms currently equipped with some or all of these capabilities include:

  • Brent auditorium
  • Connelly auditorium
  • Foerderer auditorium
  • Herbut auditorium
  • Solis-Cohen auditorium
  • College Building rooms 203 and 205
  • Curtis Building room 218
  • Hamilton Building room 505
  • Jefferson Alumni Hall rooms 207, 307, 407 and 509
  • Jefferson Alumni Hall rooms M13A & M13B.
  • Scott Building room 306