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CDA Process

Information Required

In order to ensure optimal success in attracting development funds or commercialization partnerships leading to revenue, OTT requests the following information when TJU personnel request a CDA.

  • The names of the principal investigators (PIs) of the project.
  • A brief non-confidential title to describe the TJU confidential information that the TJU personnel plan to disclose to the other party. OTT asks the PI to specify whether the TJU confidential information is related to any TJU inventions that have been developed.
  • Contact information of the other party of the CDA.

On a case-by-case basis and in order to provide the highest level of support, OTT may inquire about further details from the TJU personnel before processing a CDA.

CDA Contact:
Michael Caggiano
Office of Technology Transfer &
Business Development
Thomas Jefferson University
1020 Locust Street
Jefferson Alumni Hall,
Suite M34
Philadelphia, PA 19107

(215) 955-6862
(215) 923-5835 (fax)

Contact Mr. Caggiano

Processing & Execution

OTT strives to turn CDAs around in the minimal time possible. This requires that all required information is gathered. Then OTT will proceed to work with the other party on a mutually agreed upon CDA. If the other party’s proposed modification(s) to the draft CDA presents a potential legal risk to TJU, OTT will consult with the University Counsel’s office.

Once both parties agree with the CDA language, the signature process will be initiated. TJU PIs and/or personnel may be required to sign the CDA and a CDA Acknowledgement Form to acknowledge the confidentiality obligations.

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