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License Revenue Distribution Process

OTT's license revenue distribution process-cycle is twice a year. The first cycle starts on June 1st and the second cycle starts on December 1st. The inventor’s share of the license revenue will be calculated and finalized when the distribution process-cycle starts.

License Revenue

Inventor’s Share.   When the "inventor" is actually a group of individuals, the inventor’s share of license revenue will be distributed equally to members of the inventor group unless an alternate distribution is agreed upon in writing by the inventor group and such written agreement is presented to OTT. An uneven distribution form is available at OTT upon request.

An inventor will continue to receive the specified share of license revenue even if s/he is no longer with TJU. The inventors provide their updated contact information to OTT for license revenue distribution purpose if s/he leaves TJU. In the event an inventor deceases, license revenue will be paid to the inventor's estate for the remaining license period.

Department’s Share.    At the end of each fiscal year, OTT submits to Jefferson Medical College (JMC) and other Jefferson Schools the license revenue allocation among the JMC departments and other Jefferson Schools for distributing license revenue to each inventor’s respective department within JMC and other Jefferson Schools.

University Operating Division’s and University’s Shares.   At the end of each fiscal year, OTT distributes the JMC and University shares

Equity Distribution

The University may accept equity from a licensee in lieu of cash license fees as partial compensation for a license arrangement.

OTT forwards all stock certificates received from the licensees to the Treasurer’s office.

Under the most recent TJU Patent Policy, if agreed to by the licensee, the inventor(s) share of equity is issued directly to the inventor(s) by the licensee at the time when the equity is issued.

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