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Material Transfer Review Process

OTT is very pleased to report that it has made great headway in streamlining its MTA process since December 2008, dramatically reducing the number of pending cases, and increasing the review and completion rate. With input from the faculty and department administrators, OTT has developed an organized and user-friendly process to obtain necessary information for the requested material and to keep the principal investigators (PIs) updated regarding the status of each of their pending MTAs.

Information Required

When requesting OTT to establish a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA), the TJU PI provides OTT with a completed, signed “MTA Questionnaire (Materials In)” or “MTA Questionnaire (Materials Out)” for materials to be transferred into or out of TJU, respectively. When OTT receives the completed questionnaire, a new case number is assigned and docketed for the requested MTA, and OTT then proceeds to process the MTA.

MTA Contact:
Robert DeHaven
(215) 955-6862
(215) 923-5835 (fax)


If the TJU PI has corresponded with the other institution and/or the other institution’s PI regarding the requested transfer and/or MTA, OTT requests copies of such correspondence and any other documents, such as the other institution’s template MTA that OTT needs in order to proceed with its efficient and effective review process.

For materials to be transferred out of TJU, OTT asks the TJU PI to provide a copy of the first publication describing the first creation of the material, or any similar documented proof of TJU’s ownership right to distribute the material.

Depending on the information provided, OTT may require additional information before proceeding with the MTA.

If the requested material is a research animal, such as a laboratory mouse strain, the TJU PI contacts the Office of Animal Resources at the same time when contacting OTT.

Processing & Evaluation

As soon as all the required information is gathered, OTT works with the other party to establish a mutually agreed upon MTA. The TJU PI can use his or her Campus Key to check the progress of his or her pending MTAs through OTT’s website. In addition, OTT is working to provide the department administrators with access to their PIs’ pending MTAs for additional monitoring convenience.

Depending on the MTA terms that are negotiated, OTT may require the TJU PI to confirm acknowledgment and understanding of the PI’s obligations stated in the MTA terms.

Once the MTA terms are agreed upon, the signature process is initiated. Both parties’ PIs and authorized officials are required to sign the MTA in acknowledgment of the MTA terms. In order to help expedite the signature process and avoid the other party not returning a fully executed MTA to OTT, OTT often requests that the other party initiate signing the MTA. OTT is the signing authority of all TJU MTAs.

If the TJU PI is providing the material and has requested a fee to reimburse preparation costs for the material, OTT will contact the other party regarding the fee payment once the MTA is fully executed. Upon receipt of the payment, OTT will inform the TJU PI to arrange the shipment of the material, and OTT will distribute the payment as appropriate. If the fee is more than $1,000, the fee will be distributed according to the TJU Patent Policy. If the fee is less than or equal to $1,000, The PI has the option to request OTT to deposit the fee to the PI’s laboratory account for reimbursement of the material preparation costs.

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