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OTT’s technology commercialization process and procedures are governed by TJU’s intellectual property and licensing-related policies on patents, equity, and tangible research property; compliance-related policies on conflict of interest and industry relationships; and copyright and trademark policies.  Please select from the above-displayed list to view a reference copy and further information about a specific policy.

Please contact OTT if you have any questions about these TJU policies as they relate to OTT’s services and operating process.  For general questions about the policies, please contact the University Counsel’s office.

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Louis Berneman, EdD, CLP, Founding Partner of Osage University Partners will present "VC 101: A Primer on Venture Capital."

Friday, April 25, 12pm in Hamilton 505

Lunch will immediately follow the presentation.

RSVP to Mark Collins (



Every Friday at 8:30-10am
JAH Au Bon Pain (Mezzanine)

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