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Case number Title Non-Confidential Summary Issued Patent Lead Inventor's website
PEZ_TIF.001H Secretion Free Continuous Nebulizer NCS for PEZ_TIF.001H    
PRI_EDM.005 A Pocket-sized Medical Auto-Injector NCS for PRI_EDM.005    
SUN_XIA.001 Implantable Sensor and System for Measurement and Control of Bood Constitutent Levels   US Patent No. 5,995,860
US Patent No. 6,122,536
WU_CHE.002H Angled Cranial Drill NCS for WU_CHE.002H    
YU_YAN.006 Clinical Implementation of 4D Adaptive Radiotherapy NCS for YU_YAN.006 US Patent Appl. 13/650,910  

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