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Case Number Title Non-Confidential Summary Issued Patent Lead Inventor's Website
CRO_CAR.002 Compositions, Kits and Methods Relating to the Human FEZ1 Gene, a Novel Tumor Suppressor Gene NCS for Croce tumor suppressor techs (CRO_CAR.002, 004, 005, 016) [US Patent No. 7,141,417]
[US Patent No. 7,777,005]
CRO_CAR.004 The Human FHIT Gene NCS for Croce tumor suppressor techs (CRO 2,4,5,16) [United States Patent: 7220834]
[United States Patent: 6774217]
[United States Patent: 6242212]
[United States Patent: 5928884]
CRO_CAR.009 TCL-1 Gene And Protein And Related Methods And Compositions NCS for Croce TCL-1 techs (CRO_CAR.009, 015) [US Patent No. 5,985,598]
[US Patent No. 7,175,995]
[US Patent No. 7,749,715]
CRO_CAR.015 Human Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Modeled in Mouse by Targeted TCL1 Expression NCS for Croce TCL-1 techs (CRO_CAR.009,015) [US Patent No. 7,728,189]
[US Patent No. 8,168,854]
CRO_CAR.016 Novel Tumor Suppressor Gene and Compositions and Methods for Making and Using the Same NCS for Croce tumor suppressor techs (CRO 2,4,5,16)          
CRO_CAR.017 Role of microRNA Genes In Human Cancer NCS for Croce miRNA techs (CRO 17, 25) [US Patent No 7,723,035]
[US Patent App 12/319,331]
[US Patent App 12/727,778]
CRO_CAR.019 Involvement Of The ALL-1 Gene In A Solid Tumor1   [US Patent No. 5,567,586]
CRO_CAR.025 microRNA genes in cancer diagnosis and treatment NCS for Croce miRNA techs (CRO 17, 25) [US Patent No 7,723,030]
[US Patent App 12/751,463]
[US Patent App 12/767,279]
DIE_BER.011 In Vitro Potency Test for Rabies Vaccines           Link
KNU_ERI.003 New Markers for DCIS Recurrence T:\NCS's For OTT Website ONLY\NCS for KNU_ERI.003.pdf          
MAH_MYG.001 Anti-Desmoglein 1-B Antibodies NCS for MAH_MYG.001         Link
OSH_MIC.002 Inherited Rat Headache Model           Link
SHO_SUN.001 Pure Protein Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery NCS for SHO_SUN.001          
TEC_UDO.001 An Efficient Distortion Correction Method In EPI NCS for TEC_UDO.001          
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