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Shared Resources

A shared resource is a centralized facility with expertise for delivery of services to multiple faculty in support of research.

Click below for detailed information, facility description and fee schedule.

Shared Resource




James H. Keen, PhD

(215) 503-4770


Benjamin Leiby, PhD

(215) 503-3803

BSL3 Laboratory

Michael Root, MD, PhD

(215) 503-4564

Cancer Genomics & Bioinformatics  

Paolo Fortina, MD, PhD

(215) 955-0683

Center for Urban Health

James Plumb, MD, MPH

(215) 955-6340

Clinical Research Unit

Walter Kraft, MD

(215) 955-9077

Flow Cytometry

Jianke Zhang, PhD

(215) 503-4559

Jefferson Coordinating Center for Clinical Research

David Whellan, MD, MHS

(215) 955-2007

Jefferson Discovery Core

Charles Scott, PhD

(215) 503-4569

KCC Informatics

Jack W. London, PhD

(215) 503-4599

Laboratory Animal  

Linda Siracusa, PhD

(215) 503-4536

The Jefferson Small Animal Imaging Facility: High Frequency Ultrasound Imaging Division

Flemming Forsberg, PhD
Shey-Shing Sheu, PhD

(215) 955-4870
(215) 503-5152

The Small Animal Molecular Imaging Facility

Mathew Thakur, PhD

(215) 503-7874

Translational Research/Pathology

Hallegeir Rui, MD, PhD
Zhijiu Zhong, MD, MS

(215) 503-9259
(215) 503-8826

X-Ray Crystallography & Molecular Interactions

John M. Pascal, PhD
Michael J. Root, MD, PhD
Anshul Bhardwaj, PhD

(215) 503-4596
(215) 503-4564
(215) 503-4587