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Administrative Staff

Office of the Vice President for Research Phone Email
Theodore F. Taraschi, PhD
Vice President for Research
(215) 955-3900
Philip Berg
Director of Research Planning
(215) 955-7631
Jessica Gutierrez
Administrative Assistant
(215) 955-3900
Office of Animal Resources Phone Email
Judith S. Daviau, DVM, DACLAM
Director & University Veterinarian
(215) 503-5885
Linda Casey
(215) 503-5885
Institutional Animal Care
& Use Committee
Phone Email
David W. Anderson, PhD
(215) 503-8827
Office of Human Research Phone Email
Bruce Smith, MD, CIP
(215) 503-0203
Walter Kraft, MD
Associate Director
(215) 955-9077
Roseann Talarico
Associate Director
Division of Clinical Trials Support
(215) 503-4743
Kyle Conner, MA, CIP
Associate Director
Division of Human Subjects
(215) 503-8966
Office of Research Administration Phone Email
Brian Squilla
Interim Director
(215) 503-6976
Jeanmarie Johnston
Assistant to the Director
(215) 503-6977