JSHP Department of General Studies Announces New Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Education

Jefferson School of Health Professions’ Department of General Studies will offer a new Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Education this Fall. The program consists of 18 credits with online classes offered in seven-week course modules, supplemented by at least one on-campus experience. This exciting program is designed to provide practicing or aspiring healthcare educators with knowledge, attitudinal constructs and practical skills related to effective healthcare teaching and learning through an accelerated program.

Educating others is an essential component of health professions practice, yet the majority of health providers acknowledge that they have not had the formal preparation to successfully and securely assume the teaching role. This program is designed for individuals with an undergraduate or graduate degree and an interest in the teaching and learning process. It’s also appropriate for those seeking a specialized focus in precepting or simulation as targeted areas of study and practical application. The program’s modular nature is suitable for all members of the healthcare community, including practicing residents and others in the physician community. Accelerated classes offered this Fall are “The Adult Learner” and “Methods and Materials in Simulation.” Please contact Department Chair Dr. John C. Lewis at 215-503-6936 or John.Lewis@jefferson.edu for more information.

Published: 08-02-2011

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