JSN Student Nicole Henderson Participates in Kenya Mission Trip

Nicole Henderson, a graduate student in the Adult Advanced Practice Nurse program at Jefferson School of Nursing at Thomas Jefferson University, traveled to Kenya for two weeks in May with Dr. Deborah K. Witt, Assistant Professor and Director of Diversity Leadership Program/URM Recruitment Coordinator at Jefferson Medical College. The missionary trip to Nakuru, Kenya was organized by Glory Unlimited Ministries. Henderson shares that during the trip, “we were able to touch and change lives by providing everyday necessities, many of which we take for granted, such as food, clean drinking water, clothing and primary medical care.”

Henderson and Witt, along with 11 team members, provided primary medical care to nearly 300 people in the region, many of whom received medical care for the first time in their lives. The team also donated food, clothing and toiletries, along with their most vital donation: three 10,000-liter water tank systems delivering clean running water to rural Mukunike, Kenya. Henderson says, “it was a great opportunity for me as a Jefferson student, along with my mentor and professor and team members, to provide public health services to the communities of Kenya."


Published: 08-02-2011

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