Dr. Weinstein Explains Diaphragm Electrical Stimulation In CBS Philly Article

If you or a loved one has sustained a spinal cord injury that requires you to use a ventilator to breathe, you may be a candidate for the NeuRx DPS™. Jefferson is the first in Pennsylvania to offer this device, and Michael Weinstein, MD, of Jefferson's Department of Surgery, is among the first surgeons in the United States to implant the NeuRx DPS(TM).

Dr. Weinstein spoke with CBS Philly about this device, which provides electrical stimulation to muscle and nerves in the diaphragm.

"This device allows them to be freed from that device with a small pacing device, it allows for some mobility, allows for them to breathe more naturally, speak more easily and improves quality of life," he is quoted in the article.

Read the full "Doctors At Jefferson First In Pa. To Use Implants To Help Quadriplegics Breathe Independently" article.



Published: 08-02-2011

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